"We are proud of the results achieved by this transformation, which is in line with the vision of the Allianz Customer Model (ACM), for the benefit of customers and partners"

April 19, 2021

During the ACM Virtual Summit held on April 15, 2021, Agnès CADOT, Head of Organization Management at Allianz Africa alongside her colleagues, presented Allianz Africa's approach to ACM implementation.

It has been more than 2 years since Allianz Africa started its transformation process. With the arrival of the Allianz Customer Model (ACM) program, this process will accelerate and go even further. This synergy between ACM and Allianz Africa's transformation plan aims to increase our customer focus by harmonizing and simplifying products, processes and tools. Speaking about the transformation undertaken by Allianz Africa, Agnès CADOT specified that the challenges are certainly significant, but thanks to the agility and creativity of the various stakeholders involved in this journey, decisive steps have been taken by Allianz Africa.

Accordingly, Boris SZEREMETA, Head of Core Insurance Transformation at Allianz Africa, illustrated how the challenges of this transformation were met with an approach focused on the analysis of the customer journey, taking the example of the Automotive products. He explained how the Org Management teams managed to work with English and French speaking teams in seven African countries with different regulations, and with additional interlocutors in India and Europe. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the motivation never wavered, the vision has remained the same and the results lived up to expectations. Several deployments are underway in the different entities.

For his part, Tam-sir GENERO GUIARD SCHMID, Senior Project Manager at Allianz Africa in lead on the deployment of ACM, spoke about the challenges related to the implementation of such a program in Africa. He shared Allianz Africa's ACM approach, which is focused on an in-depth analysis of local entities on the one hand, and on building a regional ambition on the other. The strong collaboration of Allianz Africa's teams with the experts and transformation managers of local entities was a key message of his speech.

As such, the choice of Allianz Senegal as the pilot entity for the launch of ACM at Allianz Africa is justified by its progress in the transformation plan. The next major steps of the program were presented, namely the beginning of the deployment of ACM for Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Madagascar, Morocco and Nigeria in 2021 and in the new subsidiaries of Allianz Africa in East Africa in 2022.

Allianz Africa is thus continuing its transformation to make insurance even more clear and accessible to the continent's populations.

Agnès CADOT-ACM-2021-Allianz Africa