Allianz Africa attended the 2nd edition of the Everywoman Insurance forum

November 11 th

As the President of the African Insurance Organization (AIO) and a global Insurance Leader, Delphine Traore, COO of Allianz Africa joined four of the most inspiring and influential women in the insurance sector to discuss the topic of ‘’Sustainable Insurance Products Across Climate & Pandemics’’. 

During the event, Delphine shared living examples of sustainable initiatives undertaken across Africa in order to contribute towards protecting the vulnerable against climate disasters. 

Currently, Allianz co-leads on Ghana under the IDF’s Sovereign and Humanitarian Solutions working group. The Ghana project will focus on agriculture.  Allianz Africa is developing flood insurance for public assets in Ghana and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Morocco in partnership with German International Development Co-operation Agency, GIZ. 

In order to support the Covid-19 efforts, Allianz Africa earmarked 100,000 euros in the African countries where it operates. The funds went into buy testing kits and medical supplies that were directly delivered to hospitals and health institutions.

Delphine stated: “The COVID crisis has proven that no population is immune to a major catastrophe as a sanitary crisis or a natural disaster. It is therefore all the more important to have a reactive crisis management but moreover invest in preparation, prevention, preparedness and early action to protect and strengthen resilience of the most vulnerable populations”.

A discussion was also initiated regarding the products and solutions that the industry should be creating and offering to enable the retail customers face such disasters.

Also highlighted were the opportunities to promote insurance products digitally in order to address more populations and insisted on the importance of a strong collaboration between the public sector and the private one in times of crisis.