Allianz Africa participates in World Cleanup Day 2022

July 25, 2022
AZAF and World Clean Up Day

World Cleanup Day: a key activity to present our concern for the environment

World Cleanup Day is the biggest citizen action, for a world without waste. To date, this event has brought together more than 60 million volunteers in 191 countries, who are tackling the issue of waste, to build a sustainable world.

Since 2019, Allianz has been working with World Cleanup Day to raise global awareness of our environmental goals, engage our employees and inspire them to take action.

Every year, in nearly 40 subsidiaries, in about fifty cities, World Ceanup Day engages thousands of colleagues to clean physically and digitally, for a cleaner world. And much more...

Let's act together!
1. Raise awareness and involve the population on the issue of waste, involving 5% of the population of each country during this World Cleanup Day, by conducting awareness campaigns.

2. Raise awareness among children, adults and businesses about the environment and the need for change.

3. Empower and educate the new generation of future leaders around the world to lead the process of transforming society, necessary to achieve our ultimate goal: a world without waste.

Taking advantage of opportunities
World Cleanup Day is much more than a cleanup day! The intention is to fix the event in people's minds and create a story around environmental awareness, to pursue systemic change in cities, in lifestyles! Take full advantage of this opportunity and take advantage of your communication.

An active clean-up day in Nigeria: Employees of Allianz Nigeria organize through the streets of a district of Lagos, an awareness by example.

Digital Cleanup chez Jubilee Allianz Kenyaand at Allianz Senegal: Because unnecessary folders load servers that in turn consume power to keep them, Allianz Africa has committed to removing unnecessary digital information from computers. Despite the pandemic, Allianz Partner and Euler Hermes, among many other subsidiaries, have drawn attention to digital congestion and environmental impacts.

EcoWeeks & EcoTeams: Spain and Portugal organize every year a week of activities ranging from zero waste to conferences, workshops, webinars. In addition, in Slovakia, eco-teams are formed to act and highlight environmental issues.

Day Zero Waste Challenge: Allianz Malaysia has partnered with a local NGO in a series of activities on the theme of zero waste. Activities included lifestyle discussions, quizzes, challenges...