January 15th 2021

In its advisory role in Risk management, Allianz Africa wished to share its expertise in Risk management with the community of Risk Managers from various backgrounds, by organizing a webinar under the topic: ''New approaches for risk assessments''.

Hosted by our Expert Gninlnan COULIBALY, Regional LCE Manager (Risk Management Engineer), this webinar, which was expected by the community of Risk Managers as brokers, various partners as well as our OEs, was attended by more than 50 professionals and aroused a lot of interest, manifested by the several questions asked.

These questions were an opportunity for Gninlnan to provide valuable advice to participants, in the context of resuming activities after a period of unavailability as well as for remote risk evaluations.

During the session, Gninlnan shared information on the Internal Operational Plan (IOP) as well as the steps to follow to handle particular situations. In this Plan, the company must define its modes of organization and of intervention as well as the necessary tools to be implemented gradually according to the evolution of a situation. The objective of the IOP is therefore to deal with an accident, to protect the staff, property and the environment of any company.

He concluded the webinar by announcing to that Allianz is deploying a new tool named LC360 dedicated to its Risk Managers: it is a high-level software, which will produce more efficient working reports and even more in line with the quality standards of the Allianz Group.

The video of the session is available on Youtube :