The business partnership between Allianz Non-Life Insurance Ghana and Société Générale (SG) Bank Ghana has been nothing but progressive in terms of growing the Allianz Ghana portfolio and GWP.

In the early days of the partnership, convincing customers to shop insurance at the bank was a big hurdle but with an effective strategy which was developed by the Bancassurance team, and with the tacit agreement of the SG partners, that phase was successfully sailed through.

It’s hard to believe now that what was started five years ago has now become a well-oiled machine for meeting bank customers’ general insurance needs not just with customer-tailored products but also through the provision of insurance advice and support.

As Allianz Ghana strives to push this partnership with SG further to become the benchmark in the Bancassurance industry in Ghana, they continue to deliver superior products through the best blend of shared cultures to customers.

It is honestly believed that the opportunities in the banking and insurance markets are endless and as we celebrate this journey so far, Allianz Ghana and Société Générale work towards being GREAT to each other and most importantly to customers.

Allianz Life Ghana is currently in the preparatory stage of their first Bancassurance partnership with Société Générale Bank Ghana. This relationship may be new to Allianz Life, but with the already existing partnership between the non-Life entity and SG bank, this new union will further solidify the Allianz brand locally as a global Insurance partner and strengthen the Allianz brand position on the Ghanaian market.

Allianz Life Ghana is currently working towards the launch of this new relationship, as they work together to link their systems. This is to ensure that the partnership is digitally driven and easier for all parties involved, right from the Universal Relationship Officer through his/ her Branch manager and Territorial manager to the Technical and Operations teams as well as the Bancassurance teams of both entities. We look forward to a great working relationship between the two brands and to the achievement of their collective success.