Allianz World Run 2022: Allianz Africa ready to repeat the feat!

July 25, 2022

For 90 days, from July 6 to October 4, 2022, all Allianz Group- as well as their families and friends - are encouraged to record their sports activities (running, hiking, walking and digital training), with the Adidas Running Runtastic app, for the 7th edition of Allianz World Run.

Employees of Allianz Africa, registered in 13 different teams, are involved in AWR 2022, to demonstrate our partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic movement. Thus, non-race activities will be labeled as "inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic partnership".

The 2022 edition of Allianz World Run aims to celebrate health and well-being at home Allianz Groupand to support the activities of the Red Cross. It's also about motivating employees to be active everywhere and how they want and to support a local charity, in addition to the global partnership with the Red Cross.

For a charitable cause

One of the biggest motivation of participants to put on their sneakers is to do good to people in need!

Overall and together with all the employees of the Allianz Group, we are pleased to once again support the Red Cross and its projects around the world. As soon as our community reaches one of the 4 charitable milestones (5 million minutes, 10 million minutes, 15 million minutes and 20 million minutes), support will be released for Red Cross projects in Venezuela, Syria, Yemen and Madagascar respectively.

In addition to this global partnership, each Allianz team has designated a local charity in their country that will receive a donation of 10,000 euros, if they win the prize of one of the top 3 teams (Total Distance, Average Distance, Total Number of Participants).

Allianz World Run is beneficial for you, for your team and for a charitable cause!

Motivation from Allianz Ambassadors via Spotify

Allianz employees and their loved ones registered on adidas Running Rantastic are inspired by the partnership between Allianz and the Olympic & Paralympic movement. And to motivate them, what could be more natural than to be inspired by the best athletes, recognized for their combativeness, their resilience, their sense of effort and the sharing of their motivation?

We know that music helps us motivate ourselves, music helps us focus and music helps us keep going.

What is true for us and our participants is also true for our Athlete Ambassadors of the Olympic and Paralympic Movement. Top athletes and gold medallists like Cate Campbell, Thomas Röhler and many more will exclusively share their favorite songs that motivate them, in our Spotify music list dedicated to Allianz World Run 2022.

Allianz employees, family and friends will be able to reach new heights, with the rhythms that motivate our athlete ambassadors towards success.

How to participate?
1. Download and install the Adidas Runtastic app (Apple store or Play store), with your work email address (to be considered an Allianz employee).

2. Connect your Adidas Runtastic app to your account via Allianz World Run (click "Sign in" > "Connect to Runtastic" and follow the procedure).

3. Turn on and off Adidas Runtastic for each activity.

4. Connect with team members to challenge your performance.