Coenraad Vrolijk, CEO of Allianz Africa, talks about Allianz ambitions in East Africa

June 29th, 2021
Coenraad Vrolijk-Regional CEO of Allianz Africa-African-European economy

In interviews with Panafrican medias, Coenraad Vrolijk, Regional CEO of Allianz Africa, explained why Allianz chose Kenya and how the deal with Jubilee Holdings Limited will impact products and customer service going forward.

Our CEO specified that Allianz has the aspiration to be one of the leading insurers on the continent over a reasonable period of time and Kenya is a really important part of this. “It is difficult to say you are a pan-African insurance company if you are not in Kenya and East Africa”, declared Coenraad.

Regarding the impacts on customer service, Coenraad clarified that agents will still be an important channel but Allianz’s job is to digitize the processes so that customers can complete the buying of insurance products directly on digital devices which will lead to lowering costs since there will be no middleman.

As for products, he mentioned that the group is usually open to testing and rolling out new products especially for the young people. He explained that there is a shift to shorter duration insurance and periodic payments, but the underlying nature of risks does not change.