Contribution of Gideon Ataraire, CEO of Allianz Ghana Life, to the implementation of innovative products in his entity.

15th December 2020

Until his move to Allianz Ghana Life, he was the Chief People Officer at Ensure Insurance in Nigeria, a company of Allianz; now Allianz Nigeria. In the past, Gideon has held several positions including Chief Operations Officer and Chief Sales Officer (Agency and Business Partners) also at Allianz Nigeria, then known as Union Assurance Company plc. 

Since he joined the Allianz Ghana Life team, Gideon has contributed his wealth of experience to restructuring the business, to staff development, to marketing, sales, Operations, Technical and product development. 

When Gideon joined Allianz Ghana Life, customers were being onboarded manually as per the norm on the market. To improve customer service efficiency, Gideon introduced the concept of sales digitalization ,ie, onboarding clients via a bespoke paperless in-house enterprise system and most importantly collection of first premium at point of sale using Mobile Money.

He also introduced the use of USSD which customers could use to purchase life insurance products as well as make premium payments.

He has played a key role in the development and implementation of innovative Life Insurance products such as our range of Microinsurance products when we entered into the Emerging Consumer space. He was also instrumental in expanding our channels to include Corporate Sales. In addition he pushed the idea of rolling out Life insurance products to be sold by our partners at Ghana Post offices countrywide. 

Many of these initiatives culminated in our winning the Fastest Growing Life Insurance Company in Ghana as we had grown our GWP by 1337% between 2018 and 2019. 

Gideon played a pivotal role in the development of embedded products such as the AutoLife product where upon purchase of a vehicle from our partners CFAO, the customer receives a life insurance cover for 5 years. In addition, Gideon played an important role in the development of the RemitCare product, an embedded product with our remittance partners, PayAngel, where the recipient here in Ghana gets free hospitalization benefits and a one month life insurance cover.

Worthy of note, is his contribution towards the development of bancassurance products for Allianz Ghana Life’s first bancassurance partnership with Société Générale Bank. This partnership is yet to be launched in January 2021

Gideon’s active involvement in product development has contributed significantly to the trajectory that Allianz Ghana Life is on towards becoming one of the most profitable companies in Ghana.