Private Insurance

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Whether you’re travelling or temporarily relocating to another country, we’re with you. You can have the confidence that Allianz is looking out for you. You can rest assured, knowing that we are always on-hand to assist you just as we would back home.
Home is the warm place which has all the people and prized possessions that you return to at the end of every hardworking day. Allianz offers insurance solutions to protect your home and the things you love.
It is important to expect the unexpected and prepare well for it, especially where costly medical expenses are concerned. Stay healthy with Allianz as we keep you in the pursuit of a good life with access to high-quality treatment all over the world.
Allianz offers a range of product solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of low-income families. Our products are available through a range of distribution partners, mostly banks, microfinance institutions and cooperatives. Allianz is also partnering with telecommunication companies, retailers and consumer good companies to make its services accessible to a wider audience.