Work With Allianz Africa

We, at Allianz Africa, recognize that our organization is a large machine propelled and steered by its people. We therefore ensure that our Human resources strategies are aimed at creating a supportive environment for attracting, recognizing and rewarding talent that will in turn ensure business goals are met.

As part of a global brand, we strive to positively impact the business and its people by infusing African philosophy and management styles with traditional western theories that works in our environment. This facilitates an increase focus on education, training and technical assistance while ensuring that we influence both the skilled labour market and develop the communities we operate in.

Allianz Africa wants to attract and develop talents across the markets where we operate and beyond. At Allianz Group you can find endless opportunities to advance your career and be the driver of your personal growth. If you wish to learn and are open towards new opportunities, we are the HOME where you can DARE to grow.

In Africa, we have 13 offices and we place a high priority on the recruitment, retention and training of our staff at all levels to ensure that all individuals can contribute to their own career development.

  • Our mission is to build a real HOME for you that enables you to work and develop the very best way.
  • We at Allianz believe that it is important to have a diverse and inclusive workforce.