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We at Allianz believe that it is important to have a diverse and inclusive workforce. Employing people from different backgrounds and making them feel included is, in our view, a major driving force behind the success of our global company.

Allianz carries out measures to promote inclusion and has a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and harassment. This is measured annually in our employee engagement survey.

We are a global leader with a mix of nationalities among our leaders and employees. In Allianz Group, our Executives have 61 different nationalities and 57% of our leadership is not from Germany. We have employees of 69 different nationalities at our global headquarters in Munich.

We have employees of all age groups; the average age is 40.5.

Women make up 52% of our workforce and 38% of our managers globally. We are committed to building up a talent pool of women systematically at all executive levels.

In 2017, Allianz was ranked amongst top 25 companies promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce in Thomson Reuters Diversity & Inclusion Index.

Source : “Burkina Faso boss: I want more people like me in the top jobs” - Bbc.com December 12, 2016.
Delphine Traoré, Regional COO and Regional Executive Board Member of Allianz Africa